Her Story – N L Cassells

My friend from university has released her first book, and I’d love to be able to do her a favour by getting her loads of readers! It’s available from both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Here is the blurb from Amazon: After experiencing a terrible tragedy a young woman named Vida struggles helplessly against a never ending spiral of grief and despair. She soon begins to question her own sanity as strange and unexplainable things start to happen to her, and with the help of her partner Patrick she desperately seeks the answer to what these disturbing occurrences mean. As she embarks upon this journey she soon becomes aware that she is not only treading down a path of self discovery, but a path that will lead her to a terrible truth. A truth that has the power to either save or destroy her.

Please go buy it, we’ll both be eternally grateful!

Tim Clery, Detective

Age: 47, born 17/10/1966.
British white male.
6’1 in height, weighing 63.5kg with a BMI of 18.
No health concerns.
His assets are that he is persistent, professional and cautious, but his flaws are that he is a perfectionist and is insecure about his sexuality and love in general.
He is gay.
He has a brisk gait and a northern voice.
His inspiration is Mark Gatiss, so he has ginger hair, green eyes and a moustache.


Has an above average IQ of 129, and is an ISTJ, which makes him a Guardian.
He is happiest when the criminal has been caught.
He is very open-minded.
He narrows his eyes and shrugs when he is confused, and has a habit of slipping in Sherlock and Doctor Who references into his conversations!

Family member is Adam Williams.
Friends are: Alex Bird, Charlotte Harvey, Charles Rosser, Joshua Mounsey and Mark Welham.
Colleagues include Georgina Mounsey.
Originates from Sedgefield.
Had a troubled childhood – his parents divorced when he was young, and his father has since disinherited him for being gay.
Highest degree is a Masters from Leeds University in Criminal Justice and Criminology.
Enjoys watching horror films.
Lives a middle class lifestyle.
Single at start of series.
No religion.
He is a detective earning £31,032 per year.
Votes Labour.

A lot of this is to do with his childhood.
He wants to fall in love and hopes to finally accept his sexuality.
He fears that he’ll never fall in love, or be loved in return.
He vividly remembers what happened when his father disinherited him, and he resents his father for this.
His sense of humour includes sketch comedies, sitcoms, black comedies and comedy horror.

Uses a lot of quotes from BBC Sherlock and Doctor Who.
Eats prunes and cheesecake.
Wears Marks and Spencer’s, but buys his food from Sainsbury’s.
Works at the local police station.
Plays rugby and snooker.
Drinks sangria and lemonade.
Watches Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, MIsfits, James Bond films and Hammer Horror films.
Listens to S Club 7, Steps and Britney Spears.
Reads Alan Hollinghurst and Jeanette Winterson.

Ex-couples getting along

The scenario for the above poll is this:

My chief detective, Georgina, is divorced from her husband who owns the local American diner, and she is a frequent customer to the establishment (she goes there to discuss the case with her detective friend when they’re not getting anywhere with the clues/suspects).

What I want to know is, is it possible that she and her husband remain friends after the divorce?

Neither partner did anything particularly bad during the marriage, they just grew apart and their mutual interests no longer unite them.

Ideas on my protagonist so far…


Alex Kingston is my celebrity look-a-like for my protagonist, Georgina Mounsey.

Physical attributes:
Age 50 born 11/3/1963.
English nationality.
5′ 7″.
61kg BMI 21 size 10/12 clothes.
No underlying health concerns.
Assets: discreet, industrious and objective.
Flaws: evasive and mysterious.
Sexuality: straight.
Brisk gait.
No distinctive accent.
Straight, ginger hair.
Green eyes.

Psychological attributes:
Above average IQ of 127.
INFP – Idealist.
Happiest when out with friends or there’s a difficult case to solve.
Passionate about civil rights for everyone regardless of race, sexuality etc.
Has a habit of brushing her teeth 6 times a day.

Personal life:
One brother, Joshua. Ex-husband Charles Rosser and one niece, Sarah.
Friends with Tim Clery, Alex Bird, Charlotte Harvey, Helena Ventham and Adam Williams.
Colleagues are Pedita Graves, Adam Williams, Helena Ventham, Tim Clery and Alex Bird.
Birthplace Epsom.
No problems growing up as a child.
Highest degree is from Imperial College London, studying medicine.
Hobbies are horse-riding and painting.
Lives an upper-middle class lifestyle.
Not religious.
Earns £60,000 a year as a GP.
Votes Labour.

She is currently doing a part-time degree in Criminology in order to give up the doctoring and spending more time doing the detecting, so her wants, hopes, fears and resentments are tied up with this.
Wants: to give up her job and spend more time solving crimes.
Hopes: to graduate from her degree.
Fears: she is going to run out of money to complete the course, spiders.
Memories: meeting her favourite celebrity in the street.
Resentments: not starting her degree course sooner.
Dreams of living in a Georgian house.
Humour: political satire and improvisational comedy.

Says “No shit, Sherlock” when someone says something obvious.
Favourite food to eat are oatmeal-nut waffles and grapes.
Favourite drinks are vodka and hot chocolate.
Wears Next and White Stuff.
Orders her groceries online from Waitrose.
Works at the local GP surgery.
Used to play the saxophone.
Records Jeremy Kyle and Watchdog
2 of the DVDs she owns are Thor and 10 things I hate about you.
Listens to Billy Joel, Phil Collins and Michael Bublé.
Favourite authors are Elizabeth Gaskell and Christopher Smart.

Recurring characters and their occupations

Georgina Mounsey – GP (and detective in her spare time)
John Mercury – Waiter at the Diner
Mark Welham – Chef at the Diner
Charlotte Harvey – Waitress at the Diner
Pedita Graves – Receptionist
Adam Williams – Practice nurse at the surgery
Helena Ventham – GP
Tim Clery – GP
Joshua Mounsey – Pharmacist
Alex Bird – Detective Inspector at the local police station
Charles Rosser – American Diner owner
Sarah Rosser – Dietician
Lynn Hardwicke – Medical Examiner
Penny Rosser – Florist
Martin Rosser – MP