Mark Welham

Age 53, born 10/9/1960, Libra
English, Caucasian Male
Height: 6’2
Weighs 86.2kg with a BMI of 24
No health issues
Brave and moral, but can be impulsive and foolish
Brisk walk
No distinctive accent
Brown hair and eyes

Intelligence – Average IQ of 89
Temperament – ISFJ – Protector
Happiest when his impulses turn out to be correct
Attitudes: Very open-minded
Habits: Celebrates TV dinner day

Family: Joshua Mounsey, Georgina Mounsey, Penny Rosser, Charles Rosser, Martin Rosser and Sarah Rosser
Friends: Tim Clery, Helena Ventham and John Mercury
Colleagues: Joshua Mounsey
Birthplace: Grayshott, Hampshire
Childhood: Was told he was worthless and won’t get anywhere in life by his father and teachers
Education Leeds University MA Criminal Justice and Criminology and has an SIA
Hobbies: Enjoys fundraising for local charities
Lifestyle: Middle-class
Marital status: Single at start but gets engaged and in a civil partnership by the end of the series
No religion
Profession: Security Guard
Wealth: £12,000 per year
Politics: Liberal Democrat

Wants: To have a sense of belonging in the world
Hopes: To be included in a large extended family
Fears: Going back to self-harming
Memories: Being told that he is worthless and won’t achieve anything by his father and teachers
Resentments: Being an only child
Dreams: Of achieving something in his life
Humour: Alternative, Parody

Says “Trust me”
Eats Steak and strawberries
Wears Burton and Next
Buys: Asda
Works at Court
Plays Rugby
Drinks Champagne and Milk
Watches: Bargain Hunt, The Chase, American Psycho and Saving Private Ryan
Listens to Girls Aloud, S Club and Petula Clark
Reads Jean Rhys and Stephen King

Character inspiration

Based on the character profiles I’ve posted so far, do you think they are too heavily based on the celebrities behind them or are they different enough to be unrecognisable? I know I’ve said in the posts who the inspiration is, but if I hadn’t would you have known it was that particular celebrity?

What’s your reading personality? Take a quiz!

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Dog reading

We’ve all got them, those reading beliefs and behaviors that shape what kind of books we choose and how we tackle them. Are you the kind that reads everything from magazines to the back of the cereal box? Do you plod through a book with a slow start or chuck it aside? Do you go for the splashy romance or the  literary masterpiece?

Take this quickie quiz and post about your results! Giving away a triple prize this month!

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A question on content

Adam Williams

As you know from my PSA, my inspiration is Ian Hallard.

His age is 39 born on 9 November 1974, Scorpio.
Male and has a white British nationality.
5’11, 65.8kg with a BMI of 20.
Has had type one diabetes since childhood.
He is sentimental and protective but can be rebellious and unrealistic.
He’s gay.
He walks like Poirot and talks with the Birmingham accent.
He has blonde hair and brown eyes.

Has an average IQ of 114.
He is an INFP which makes him a healer.
He’s happiest when out celebrating or reminiscing with friends and family.
Has a strong dislike to people who force their opinions on others.
He believes in love at first sight and sanitises his hands several times an hour.

Family: Tim Clery
Friends: Charlotte Harvey, Charles Rosser, John Mercury, Lynn Hardwicke, Mark Welham, Martin Rosser and Penny Rosser.
Colleagues: Georgina Mounsey, Helena Ventham, Alex Bird, Sarah Rosser and Joshua Mounsey.
Born in Birmingham.
No childhood issues.
Highest degree from De Montford University Leicester in BSc Hons Nursing with Registration (Adult and Child).
Middle class lifestyle.
Watches Hammer Horror movies.
Single at start of the series, but proposes and married by the end.
No religion.
Practice nurse earning £25,783 per year.
Conservative politics.

Wants to marry Tim.
Hopes to get rid of his fear of flying.
His memory is of falling in love with Tim at first sight.
Resents not meeting Tim sooner.
Dreams of a society where everybody is accepted.
Sense of humour is observational comedy and social satire.

Says ‘I’m not straight’ and other variations.
Eats Scrapple and Cheesecake.
Wears Cotton Traders and Marks and Spencers.
Buys gifts for his friends and family frequently, and for no apparent reason other than feeling sentimental.
Works at GP surgery.
Plays Cluedo.
Drinks Margaritas and Lemonade.
Watches Being Human, Supernatural, Pride and Prejudice and Only Lovers Left Alive.
Listens to Queen, Mika, Lady GaGa and Scissor Sisters
Reads Alan Hollinghurst and Jane Austen.


Romantic relations/OTPs:
Adam Williams & Tim Clery
Helena Ventham & John Mercury
Joshua Mounsey & Mark Welham

Divorcing couple(s):
Charles Rosser & Georgina Mounsey

Friends Forever/ships:
Alex Bird & Georgina Mounsey
Charlotte Harvey & Georgina Mounsey
Tim Clery & Georgina Mounsey

I apologise for the fandom terms (OTP and ships), but it’s the only way I can distinguish in my head the exact nature of their relationships!